Think Awhile...

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I’ve seen faces I may never see again

I’ve been places I never could have dreamt

I’ve touched hands with those who touched me

Seen the marks of a skeleton keys

I found peace in a foreign atonement

I lost myself in tides of a moment

but nothing compares

Dont want to be here

Dont want to be…

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locking eyes a waining glance

mistook chance of adding meaning to the words forever

broken silence defiance, misspoke turn

will i see you again if ever

cmon and leave me here on a vagabond throne

wondering the night alone

right now you’re over there in a social club state

pondering the why,…

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We’re creatures of indecision

Easily undone

Caught inside collisions

Under a dying sun

Take our time for granted

Entitled in this life

Entertain us now

were owed everything in site

Give us what we want

But we don’t to earn

Give us what we think we need

But we don’t want to work

In just…